Skynetics Competency

Modelling and Simulation Analysis Capability

Skynetics is a modelling and simulation engineering services provider. The company specialises exclusively in deploying advanced modelling and simulation tools and methods to design, analysis and optimize engineering products.
Engaging Skynetics Modelling and Simulation expertise reduces product development costs.
   1   Reduced Development Costs

Get it Right First Time! Modelling and Simulation methods offer a very powerful tool to engineering development teams. It facilitates the concept of virtual testing allowing engineers to understanding the performance of their products before investing time and capital into manufacturing and test. The full range of product performance can be reviewed within a virtual test environment. Characteristics such as product behaviour within extreme temperature environments or at the limits of manufacturing tolerances can be quickly investigated. This is possible months or even years before physical testing is possible and at a fraction of the cost needed to generate test articles because the number of design changes occuring late in the development cycles are significantly reduced.
Skynetics has a wealth of experience delivering significant contribution to product design at all stages of the development process.

   2   Reduced Engineering Time Scales

Modelling and Simulation reduces product risk. The more correctly and thoroughly the tools are deployed, the more ability they have to de-risk a product’s performance. By insuring that required performance is achieved before committing to manufacturing ensures product non-compliances discovered within the test programme are minimized. This translates to fewer design changes late in the development process, providing a reduction in unplanned design changes, and hence, product development time reduction.
Skynetics provides a flexible engineering service allowing a development team to increase analysis capacity at the key phase of the development process. Often product development can out-pass modelling activities at the beginning of a programme when modelling has the greatest benefit to optimise the product.

   3   Decrease product cost through increased product performance

During a test programme, it is a familiar occurrence that a product encounters a performance non-compliance. Engineering tools, such as modelling and simulation, are deployed to investigate potential solutions; however, optimized solutions are limited because of the existing investment. Therefore, solution are less than their optimize potential which has a two-fold cost; increased development due to manufacturing and re-test of new equipment; and, increased product unit cost due to inefficiency translating to less competitive products and a weakened market position.

Skynetics offers an expert analysis solution for all landing gear system equipment, including landing gea extension/retraction (LGERS) and nose wheel steering (NWS), systems and equipment. Modelling tools have been employed for our customers at all development phases, including product bid/proposal, performance trade studies, model construction, verification, validation, model/analysis documentation, and parameter correlation to test results. We have conducted studies for equipment certification, product development, new technology research, failure investigations and system integration.

Expert Pedigree
Detailed dynamics models, including hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and control systems have been created for a wealth of aircraft’s including the Airbus A380, A330 and A320; Boeing’s B787; and, Bombardier’s CRJ300. We have offered solutions that including model data collection, model verification, and validation to aircraft test results. Most notably Skynetics has successfully completed cold temperature system performance investigations (-40°C).

World Leading Analysis Software
Skynetics has access to a wealth of high-powered analysis software, including MSC.ADAMS, MSC.EASY5, LMS.Amesim, LMS.Virtual Lab and Matlab/Simulink. Recognised as an expert with each tool, Skynetics offers analysis solutions that make use of multi-domain models leveraging the use of co-simulation and embedded/compiled models. These methods offer great insight into system performance with the benefit of shortening product timescales, reduced testing and development costs.

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