Core Skills

Skynetics has a wealth of experience deploying modelling and simulation techniques within the aerospace industry. An excellent pedigree has been developed for landing gear system including systems such as landing gear extension/retraction systems and nose wheel steering systems.

A system’s engineering approach is taken to modelling, and therefore, we have extensive experience with model requirements capture, model definition, construction, verification, model validation, data validation and model correlation.

Landing Gear Actuation Systems

Models have been developed on behalf of our customers for Landing Gear Extension and Retraction systems and an extensive set of landing gear actuation equipment, including hydraulic valves, hydraulic and electrical actuators, uplocks, and controllers.

Aircraft Steering Systems

Skynetics has generated detailed hydraulic models for our customers of nose wheel steering systems, including hydraulic system such as Boeings 787, Airbus A320 and electrical actuation research and development programmes.


Skynetics has developed an assortment of engineering tools to analyse this complex and misunderstood subject. Using sophisticated dynamic models a greater insight into system performance is achieved.

Software Skills


Mechanical Dynamics Hydraulic Systems Control Systems Electrical Systems
MSC.ADAMS MSC.Easy5 Matlab/Simulink Matlab/Simulink
LMS.Virtual Lab LMS.AmeSim